First Internet Exchange Point
(IXP) in Morocco!
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An Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

CAS-IX is an open IXP (open peering policy) where the main ISPs and content providers come to interconnect and freely exchange local internet traffic.

A cloud hub

The IXP is a strategic entry point for cloud solution providers to be able to serve the whole country with a high QoS at a minimal cost and from a single location.

An Internet Economy booster

The local exchange of traffic allows for significant cost savings for the ISPs and improves in turn the internet accessibility for the general public which boosts the internet economy as a whole.

Telecom Operators

Keeping local traffic within Morocco.


Content Distribution Networks.

Cloud Service Providers

Meet clients at the IXP.

High traffic websites

Stand at the same distance from all ISPs

Large Corporantions

Meet your service providers in one location

Financial sector

Connect to financial institutions here

About us

CAS-IX is the first Internet Exchange Point in Morocco, it allows interconnecting
key players of the internet space both in Morocco and internationally.

  • Early 2015

    Decision to create an IXP

    The founders decided to create an exchange to boost the internet quality of service and remedy to the different problems that are caused by the lack of peering in Morocco.

  • April 2015

    Met with France-IX

    N+ONE (founding sponsor) meets with France-IX and the two entities decide to ally to create the first IXP in Morocco

  • October 2015

    France-IX sponsors CAS-IX

    France-IX contribute the hardware foundation of the IXP et trains the CAS-IX team in Paris

  • October 2019

    Three peers are live at CASIX


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